Home Modifications

Understanding, Personal and Professional!


We can chat about your individual needs for you to stay independent in your own home.


We assess your own practical and lifestyle requirements and plan for now and future changing needs.


We design and build pleasant, safe spaces you will always be happy to live in.

Quality Home Modifications for Everyone

We completely understand that you want to stay living independently in your own home and your community.

Home Modifications provide carefully planned changes to your home to make living easier and contribute to your independence. They improve safety and accessibility for you and those who might live with you and support you.

This is What We Do

We create a home environment which will support your independence now and in the future.

Home Modification

Our team of professionals are experienced in the creation of safe, functional and pleasant spaces within and around the home to meet our client’s unique changing lifestyle and health needs.

Accessible Homes

We design and construct dwellings for complete access and mobility, suitable for users of wheelchairs and walking frames and meeting the changing needs of those needing to live safely and independently.

Exterior Modification

External ramps and rails are designed to be functional in various landscapes and importantly, constructed to blend attractively with the style of the dwelling.

Bathroom Modification

The bathroom is frequently the important space to be modified, as it needs to be designed for safe and easy use by those with reduced mobility and those who may require assitance.

Kitchen Modification

Good kitchen layout is important, with the main work areas designed to be uncluttered, allowing space for easy day to day food preparation and cleaning.


We create enjoyable gardens that are contained and easy to get around, with widened, step free pathways that are easy for walkers and chairs to access. We add appropriate fencing, gates and lighting for security.

We Specialise in Home Modifications and Accessible Dwellings

We work with minor modifications, such as installing grab handles and rails in the toilet and shower, hand held showers, lever type taps and door handles and more complex modification projects including bathroom redesign, kitchen remodelling, doorway and passage widening, assistive devices installation and ramp and handrail construction.

Our Client Advisors and Occupational Therapists work with you to assess your need for home modification and plan to improve your accessibility, safety and independence staying happily in your own home and community.