What happens next ???

When you contact Live Independently about your interest in modifying your home, a member of our professional staff will be introduced to you. Initial Discussion and Assessment: This person will arrange an initial confidential discussion???

Initial Discussion and Assessment.

A member of our professional staff will arrange an initial confidential discussion and assessment of your current situation and what your future needs might look like. This will take place in your own home. We will provide a holistic assessment of you as an individual and of your family situation, if this is required. We take into consideration your abilities and aspirations. We are able to provide advice and assistance in the navigation of the current Aged Care and Disability systems and can provide information on how to access financial support, if this is required and is available to you.

Referral to our Occupational Therapist (OT).

The next step is a discussion with our Occupational Therapist (OT). After talking with you about your ideas, current and future needs and inspecting your existing home facilities, the OT will make recommendations as to how these can best be modified and what the priorities might be.
Our OT will consider your home environment and will focus on your safe access to areas throughout your home and suitability of the building to be modified.
The OT will draw up draft plans of recommended modifications and present these to you for your information and consideration.

If you decide to proceed with the plan and carry out your modifications, we will move to the next stage of the process.
Introduction to Our Builders.

Together with the OT, our builder will visit your home to assess and discuss the required works detailed in the OT plans and will provide you with a non-binding estimate of costs.
If you feel that this is a project that you want and fits within your budget, we will commence producing detailed designs and specifications and provide you with a formal quotation.
Quotations will be valid for 3 months. After this time the project may need to be re-quoted.

Formal Contracts.

Once your decision has been made to proceed with the project and the quotation is accepted, a formal written contract will be drawn up and we will provide you a copy of this together with all relevant consumer information.
A formal contract will apply to all our projects, from minor modifications to major construction undertakings, ensuring you are clear about important points, including scope of works, start and completion dates, variations management, your warranty rights, the agreed contract price and when payment is to be made.

The Builder Gets Started.

You will have already met our builder, who is experienced in minor and major home modifications and works to the relevant Australian Standards concerning access and mobility.
The builder will take responsibility for all insurances and the organising of building permits and certifications when these are required. The builder will manage your project, ensuring modifications are completed on time and within budget.
Your OT will work closely with the builder to ensure that the recommended, designed modifications become a reality to improve your lifestyle and create a safe home you will love to live in.
Of course, your input concerning finishes, fixtures and fittings will be important, as these reflect your personality and taste.
Our Live Independently support people will ensure you are fully informed concerning every step of your project and importantly, support you through the entire process.