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Live Independently has been established to assist people to modify their current living spaces to allow them to remain living safely and independently in their own homes and to ensure optimal participation in their familiar community life.

This is an organisation of qualified professionals with a specialist knowledge in the field of home modification and accessible homes. They are involved in allied health, architectural design, project management, all areas of building and construction and assistive technologies, working together to significantly improve home access and change living environments to avoid likelihood of accidents and assisting to support independent living.

Our experienced Health Professional staff of Assessors and Occupational Therapists visit the person???s residence and are able to make recommendations on making changes to the home that will support independence of someone who has changing needs, either through acquired disability, or as they age. Our people are readily available to provide important advice and assistance in navigating the current Aged Care and Disability systems.

Our recommendations will allow you, or your support network, to make a decision as to the type of home modification work you might require. We discuss your needs and make your plans with you, guiding you every step of the way.

Based upon the recommendations of the health professionals, our qualified and highly experienced architectural design and friendly, understanding building trades people create safe, functional and pleasant spaces to Australian Standards within and around the home to meet your unique changing lifestyle. Importantly, our work does not overstate those special modifications intended to make activities easier for you. Indeed, your property value is enhanced.

We work with minor modifications, such as installing grab handles and rails in the toilet and shower, hand held showers, lever type taps and door handles, safe regulated hot water, improved lighting, heating and cooling and those more complex modification projects including bathroom redesign, kitchen remodelling and accessible laundry spaces. We widen doorways and passages for ease of navigation of walkers, or wheelchairs, install assistive devices on stairways, construct aesthetic ramps and handrails and create low maintenance, functional, safe landscapes.

We carry out infrastructure works which may sometimes be required to underpin major home modifications, such as re-blocking, re-stumping, plumbing, roofing, flooring, electrical rewiring, reinforcement of flooring to accommodate heavy wheel chairs and overhead structural support for lifting devices.

At Live Independently, we firmly believe that great ideas and innovative solutions can be drawn from your ideas, our own people and our valued designers and suppliers of the high quality products we use, so we remain at the forefront in design, economy and provide absolute satisfaction to those we work for.

We do the work required, as cost effectively as possible, to modify your own home for your confidence and a happy and safe life within your own community.


Stay Independent and safe in your own home.