Home Modification Services

We can discuss your needs and make your plans with you.

Our recommendations will allow you to make a decision as to the type of home modification work you might require.


Many home modification projects commence with the bathroom, as this is usually the room not designed to support someone as they age, or have a disability. It is essential to attend to bathroom safety if a person is to remain living independently in their own home.
Open plan bathrooms are designed with as much clear space as possible around the toilet, shower and bathtub to allow a person to remain safe from falls and other injury whilst confidently performing their personal care and for the easy unobstructed navigation of wheelchairs and walkers.
There is a range of modifications, minor and major, which will make it easier for you to bathe in comfort and safety.


??? Unobstructed access
??? Wide, step free, accessible showers
??? Toileting solutions ??? comfort height toilets
??? Handrails & Grab Handles in shower, near toilet & bath
??? Suitable tapware ??? lever action ??? colour coded
??? Hand held showers & shower seats
??? Safe, regulated hot water
??? Adequate, glare free lighting
??? Contrast in colour on benches
??? Non slip, low glare flooring
??? Easy to reach electrical outlets
??? Easy opening cabinets
??? Easy to reach cabinets and open storage
??? Height adjustable wash basins
??? Door widening, if required

Quality, modern bathroom design enhances the value of your home.



We make sure walking spaces around beds and other furniture are unobstructed for safety from falls and the ease of access for walkers and wheelchairs. Lighting must be adequate, particularly on the way from bedroom to the bathroom and toilet at night and floor coverings should be non-slip, or low pile carpet, even surfaced, free from damaged materials and joins which are potential trip hazards.
The type of bed you use is important for your independence, particularly if your mobility is impaired, so you might have difficulty getting in and out of bed. Our Occupational Therapists are able to advise on the type and height of bed best suited to your needs and comfort.
Other modifications and arrangements can be made to you bedroom to assist your independent lifestyle:


??? Firm seating at a correct height for sitting and dressing
??? Adequate, reachable power outlets
??? Close telephone access
??? Efficient heating and cooling options for safety under various weather conditions
??? Noise mitigation for a person sensitive to a noisy environment
??? Accessibility of ensuite bathrooms
??? Clear, uncluttered wardrobe access with adequate lighting
??? Smoke alarms
??? Installation of electric wardrobe rail lifts


Good kitchen design is important. Changes to the layout of the kitchen are often required if you are to remain totally independent in all activities of daily living. Even simple changes, such as bench height and the placement of a microwave oven and other appliances can be life changing, allowing you to manage your own meal preparation.
We design work areas to be uncluttered, allowing space for easy day to day food preparation and cleaning. Your kitchen can be a social place for you, your family and friends, so it should be comfortable, with adequate seating and table space.
For wheelchair users and seated persons, we build to provide leg room under benches and sinks. Work surfaces can be placed lower if you need to sit to prepare food. Electric, height adjustable benches, sinks and cupboards can be installed for your convenience and household members who may also use your kitchen.
We consider with you important changes for a happy and safe kitchen:


??? Space for walker and wheelchair access
??? Non-slip, low glare, easy to clean flooring
??? Suitable lever action tapware
??? Adequate, glare free lighting
??? Adequate, reachable power outlets
??? Safe, regulated hot water
??? Contrast in colour on benches
??? Sink located close to stove for easy transfer of pots and pans
??? Convenient placement of appliances, such as refrigerators and ovens
??? Shallow sinks for easy rinsing of vegetables and dishes
??? Rounded edges on benches and shelves
??? Easy opening cupboards
??? Storage drawers ??? easy to see contents
??? Dishwasher height adjusted for easy loading and unloading
??? Consider modular, mobile storage units
??? Smoke detectors
??? Installation of electric, height adjustable cabinets, sinks and work benches


The laundry is a room frequently overlooked when you really want easy access to this space to remain in control of your washing and drying as part of your independent lifestyle.
Laundries are often cluttered and poorly laid out for ease of access, for safely and conveniently moving washing baskets, loading washing machines and the free movement of walkers and wheelchairs.
With you, we discuss the removal of obstacles to improve access, moving washing supplies within easy reach, close to your washing machine and attending to the appropriate location and height of adequate bench space and light, easy to use ironing boards.
Washing machines and dryers can be placed at a height for your convenience, especially if you have a mobility problem. If not already in place, front loading washers and dryers with uncomplicated controls are a preferred option when replacement of these appliances is necessary.
If you dry your clothes outside, we can assist with safe access to a clothesline designed for your easy reach.
We think about your convenience and safety.


??? Even, non-slip, low glare, easy to clean flooring.
??? Adequate lighting
??? Safe, regulated hot water
??? Suitable tapware
??? Adequate, reachable power outlets
??? Easy to open cupboards
??? Rounded corners on benches
??? Colour contrast on benches
??? Mobile laundry carts
??? Well-designed inside clothes drying airers.

Ramps & Rails

Safe access to your home is important for your continuing independence. Ramps are typically built for people who are not able to use stairs and need a safe and gentler way to enter and leave the house. Ramps are typically designed to meet the needs of those with issues related to mobility.
Our Occupational Therapists work with you to ensure that ramp design safely meets your actual needs, with consideration given to the assistive device you use, the terrain around your home and your future changing abilities. We work with your available budget always in mind.
We need to discuss the specific point of entry to your home, the available area for the ramp and the choice of door to place the ramp on. This will be influenced by ease of access from inside your house to the doorway, the size and nature of the doorway and if a ramp can be placed on any existing features, such as stairs, decks, or entrance porches. The gradient of the ramp will be based on the height and level you must travel to and will comply with stringent Australian Standards.
Ramps can be located at the rear, side, or at the front of the home, dependent upon terrain. We provide a connecting, even pathway between vehicle drop-off area and the ramp and there also may be an opportunity to create an exterior patio or deck in addition to the ramp, providing you with additional useable outdoor space.
We construct from timber, brick and concrete, or metal, complete with all necessary railings and curbs. We ensure that all surfaces are slip resistant and adequate lighting is located along the pathway and ramp and at the door landing area. Motion sensor lights are a convenient option.
As much as possible, we build to blend with the aesthetics of your house, without overstating the need for inclusion of the ramp. If the only place to construct a ramp is at the front entrance, there are sometimes ways to disguise it and visually connect, or blend the ramp to the home by using similar architectural elements and appropriate landscaping. By doing so, we can make the ramp disappear and in many cases, actually add to the appeal of your building.
Our Occupational Therapists will also work with you on appropriately designed, safe and aesthetic external railings for your stairways and paths.

Assistive Technologies

This term covers the many items which are designed to assist you in your daily independent living.
Here, we refer to stair lifts, platform lifts and elevators, essential for people who either lose the ability to negotiate stairs and live in homes with more than one storey, or those who require an efficient method of wheelchair access over steps to various levels when ramps are not suitable due to space restrictions.
Not being able to use staircases in two storey homes can make life challenging, difficult and dangerous. If bedrooms and bathrooms are located on upper levels, the likelihood of being able to remain in the existing house is greatly reduced, unless these rooms are relocated on the ground level.
A stair lift is helpful. It consists of a motorised chair, with a lift mechanism that moves smoothly and safely up and down a rail on the staircase. These lifts are designed for straight staircases and also those with a curve at the bottom, or midway up the stairs. There are models designed for outdoor use, negotiating steep steps and driveways and providing valuable access to the garden.
These devices are easily installed and no structural changes to either walls, or staircase are required. They are designed to simply plug into an electrical outlet and the chairs have battery backup, so they continue to work even during a power outage. Solutions for climbing narrow stairs are also available.
There are step lifts and platform lifts which enable wheelchairs to negotiate internal and external steps, where ramping is sometimes not feasible due to the space required in order to achieve the recommended gradient.
All the user needs to do is to roll their chair onto the platform of the elevator and then press a button that allows them to move up and down to their pathways, porches or negotiate internal stairs.
Residential home elevators can also be a perfect fit in contemporary houses. They can increase the value of a home while at the same time easing the mobility of residents.
Our Occupational Therapists can advise you regarding a suitable, easy to control, comfortable and secure lift for your independence in your multi-level home.

Landscape Modifications

Your garden should be a place of relaxation and enjoyment, whilst being safe for you and those who visit you to access.
We create enjoyable, low maintenance gardens that are contained, safe and easy to get around and add to the appearance of your home.
We widen pathways, reduce gradients and remove slippery and uneven surfaces on entrances to your house, around garden beds, your clothes line and walkways to your car garage and other outdoor facilities. We include in our design as many firm, flat surfaces as possible, reduce the number of steps and replace with pathway wherever feasible and where required, add ramps that are easy for walkers and chairs to negotiate. We add appropriate handrails, seating, shelter from the weather and attend to secure fencing, gates and lighting.
If you have a love of gardening, we work with you to choose easy to grow and maintain plants that are tolerant to local soil and weather conditions. We build raised garden beds that allow you to reach the centre from all sides and place benches and seating in your work areas.
Our Occupational Therapist and Landscape Designers will work together to recommend changes to suit your lifestyle and make your garden safe.

Height Adjustable Electric Lifting Systems

Technology by Granberg

Built- in lifting systems allow you to control the height of work benches and sinks, cabinets, shelves, appliances and cook tops for your safety and convenience and can always be adjusted to levels suitable for other household members who use your kitchen.
Work surfaces and wall storage units can be quickly and silently lowered if you sit to prepare food and raised to suit anyone who stands. The touch of a button makes your kitchen safely accessible for everyone.
A sensitive safety stop mechanism detects obstructions to moving units to avoid damage to items on and under bench tops and injury to the user.
We can adapt lifts to most standard kitchen components and in many instances, they can be retrofitted.


Height Adjustable Worktops

Baselift by Granberg

Wall mounted worktop lifts move vertically up and down and can be adapted to incorporate sinks, cook tops, drawers and slide out chopping boards. Available in straight and corner models.

Cupboard Lifting Systems

Diago by Granberg

These are electrical lowering and lifting systems for new and existing wall cabinets. The lift lowers the cabinet down and forward to the front edge of the working area and can be stopped at any required height.


Vertical Cupboard Systems

Verti by Granberg

This system vertically lowers and raises cupboard shelves to and from the work surface and cabinet contents are readily accessible without the need to open doors. It can be stopped at any height and can be installed into new and most existing wall cabinets.


Diago for Comfortable Height of Microwave

Height adjustable systems can be fitted to quickly and safely lower and raise microwave ovens to any working height.


Appliance Lift

Unilift by Granberg

Appliances can be conveniently tucked away until needed. This electric lift moves a panel upwards and outwards from the bottom of a floor, or wall cupboard and is suitable for appliances, such as food processors and microwaves.

Centerlift Island Bench

Centrelift by Granberg

Centerlift is a vertical lifting system for island cabinets and worktops that can be raised and lowered to comfortable and ergonomic working heights.




We have height adjustable systems which can be cost effectively applied to the bathroom and bedroom.

Wardrobe Lifts

Butler by Granberg

This is an adjustable system which can be fitted to built-in wardrobes. At the touch of a button, the clothes hanging rail lowers down and outwards to assist people with varying degrees of physical ability, both in standing and sitting positions.



Washbasin Systems

Washbasin lifts by Granberg

Height adjustable washbasins are accessible to individuals of all ages, either standing, or seated, making the bathroom more functional for everyone.



Raises for standing user

Seated Section

Lowers for seated user

Height adjustable lifting systems help make it easier, safer and more convenient for people of all statures, short, or tall and with varying abilities to perform important everyday tasks and activities.
Our Occupational Therapists are able to talk to you about lifting systems that will suit your lifestyle.



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Our qualified building specialists carry out the required work efficiently and cost effectively, to modify your home for your confidence and a safe and happy life.

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